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Cleaner Production

Cleaner Production is preventive strategy of environmental protection that relates

  • reduction at the source emmision of:
    • solid wastes
    • waste waters
    • dust and gas pollutions
  • saving of:
    •  raw materials
    • water, fuels and energy
    • other natural resources

during manufacture and services processes and others activity of a people.


Implementation of Cleaner Production leads to success in environmental protection

Cleaner Production implemented by using Waste Minimisation Procedure (United States Environmental Protection Agency: Facility Pollution Prevention Guide Washington 1992) and:


  • appropriate management of organization
  • application of modern-cleaner technologies
  • active ecological education


becames a very effective economical and ecological environmental management system (Sokół W.A.:"Environmental Protection. Principles of Cleaner Production. Zespół Wydawnictw i Usług Poligraficznych GIG, 1998) while takes into consideration whole life cycle of prodact (service)

Cleaner Production was initiated in seventieth years of past century by UNEP (United Nation Environmental Programme), and then developed by other international organisations like  UNIDO anddifferent countries.

In Poland Cleaner Production is developed since a half of ninetieth years of past century by few organisation like Federation of Scientific-Technical Associations NOT  and Central Mining Institute - a selected results of National Cleaner Production Programme developed by GIG - download.

An active ecological education was developed by GIG in framework of National CP Programme:

In framework of National Cleaner Production Programme a  data base of CP technologies was developed and a some training and academic manuals were edited like:


Project ACT CLEAN representing the next step in development of Cleaner Production in Poland on interntional level and oriented on implementation of Environmental Technology Action Plan of European Commission, including Polish roadmap- ETAP .  ACT CLEAN eneble SMEs access to technologies and know-how in Cleaner Production in Central Europe by means of international network of National Contact Points with  National Contact Point for Eco-efficient Technologies and Management Systems in Central Mining Institute in this structure.