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Regional Environmental Management System

The Regional Environmental Management System - REMAS it is eco-innovative, integrated  environmental management system [Sokół W.A.: "Regional environmental management on industrial sites". Interna-tional Industrial Ecology Conference of the Visegrad Countries. Budapest, 8th June 2004. Proceedings] that develop clasic Cleaner Production (CP) procedure (Waste Minimization Procedure) by means of basic requirements of international standards ISO 14001, ISO 14031 and Eco-Management and Audit Scheme- EMAS and additional tools including integrated software.

Procedures of REMAS

Integrated software of REMAS - version dedicated for regional and local governments in Poland

The aim of REMAS is coordination of the efforts of regional actors to maintain permanent improvement of regional and local environmental performance by creating and implementing coherent environmental policies, based on measurable objectives and targets and environmental management programs in communes, counties and in the region. Creation of regional environmental management of independent local governments in counties and communities, industrial sectors and companies existing inside the border of the region (voivodship in Poland) seems to be a very difficult task that can in practice be solved effectively by using legal, financial and institutional incentives.


Integration of regional actors in framework of REMAS

REMAS thanks exchangeable data base (Reviewing sheet) can be applied not only by local governments but as well by enterprises, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other organizations that intend to manage effectively of their significant environmental aspects and do not spend money to pay external expenses of certification ISO 14001 or registration EMAS. However REMAS any time could be developed and certificated/ registered.

REMAS could be applied as well for environmental management of complex organizations and industrial sectors. Primary REMAS was elaborated by GIG for environmental management of restructurized Polish mining industry in framework of "The environmental assessment study of the hard coal sector in Poland" (Final Report, Czaplicka K., Sokół W.A. and others, CMI, February, 2000) funded by World Bank (more - Sokol W.A.: "Environmental management in mining regions". 4th World Mining Environment Congress, 25-30 June, 2001, Baile Felix, Romania.Piotrowski Z., Sokół W. and others: "Technologies of Cleaner Production in mining industry" Library of Waste Management School", Krakow 2003)

REMAS tools (procedures, software with data base) could be useful for improvement of certified environmental management systems (ISO 14001 or EMAS). REMAS Reviewing sheet and procedures are applied in the Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice for management of direct environmental aspects (Environmental Declaration EMAS 2008) in framework of Integrated Management System.