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Objectives, expected results and SPIN tasks

Aim 1: Matchmaking on Enterprise Level

Objective: support SMEs to implement and disseminate innovations that support sustainable production
Key issue: (transnational) matchmaking of offer and demand

SPIN instruments

  • SPIN website and national websites
  • Toolbox
  • Innovation database
    - Available since April 2010
    - SMEs can directly submit innovations via individual access
  • Transnational Workshops

Aim 2: Improving the transnational framework for sustainable production

Objective: Identifying and promoting of appropriate incentives and policies that enhance sustainable production

SPIN tasks:

WP1: Management of the project
WP2: Promotion and dissemination
WP3: Offering innovations for sustainable production
WP4: Satisfying the demand for innovations for sustainable production
WP5: Transnational Agenda
WP6: Networking