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Implementation of EFFECT

The Dialogue Platform on Energy and Resource Efficiency in the Baltic Sea Region - EFFECT

was officially kicked-off on November 2012 in Stockholm.

The project is led by the Council of the Baltic Sea States, CBSS, Baltic 21 Unit and is contributing to the implementation of the CBSS Strategy on Sustainable Development 2010 - 2015.

EFFECT is part-financed by SI Baltic Sea Cooperation as Thematic Partnerships


EFFECT's main aim is to map, communicate, foster and learn from good practice solutions on eco-efficiency in te Baltic Sea Region.

The project will attract and enable cities, villages and BSR sub-regions as well as other relevant actors from the local, regional, national and pan-Baltic level to jointly develop and implement policies and concrete actions on becoming more energy and resource efficient, sustainable and resilient, while stimulating a greener economy.

In the long term these activities will contribute to the creation of resilient societies and the promotion of the Baltic Sea Region as a green region.

Eleven partners from Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Belarus are cooperating in the project that runs from September 2012 until August 2015. Poland is represented in EFFECT by Central Mining Institute (GIG) from Katowice.

The National Contact Point for Eco-efficient Technologies and Management Systems in GIG intend to play in EFFECT a role of the Baltic Energy Efficiency Contact Point.

One of the main results will be a larger application with an extended partnership to one of the first calls under a new EU financial framework 2014 - 2020. The project therefore welcomes addtional intersted parties, especially from currently not participating countries within the Baltic Sea Region to become associated partners. During the project implementation to the project partners will also participate in so called peer to peer visits and it this respect one of the project activities is the mapping of frontrunner regions in eco-efficiency in the BSR.

More on EFFECT is available on the CBSS website. The latest information on the project implementation are shortly presented as well as on welcoming section of this website in section News and Events with links to the sources.

Photo from the meeting 1st meeting of EFFECT w Stockholm