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Longlife-Invest energy efficient dormitory building is almost ready in Klaipeda University

A new building concept has been developed by international staff of LONGLIFE-INVEST project as energy-efficient dormitory building in Klaipeda University. Now the building is almost ready.  The application phase of Longlife-Invest has been closed in June during the final conference but the construction and accommodation of the dormitory will be finished in December 2015.

Central Mining Institute has developed the methodology for the evaluation of the building ecoefficiency that includes resource and energy efficiency and efficiency in the reduction of CO2 emission in life cycle of the building materials, elements and technologies.

The results of this evaluations were presented by dr Wlodzimierz A.Sokol (Director of the National Contact Point for Eco-efficient Technologies and Management Systems) during the Longlife-Invest final conference in in Klaipeda (June, 11-12, 2015) and during International Congress on Sustainability Science and Engineering ICOSSE’2015in Balatonfüred, Hungary (May 26-29, 2015).


1. The progress of construction of the dormitory building is available online - see cam 

2. The dormitory building in June 2015- Longlife-Invest staff and some participants during the final conference in Klaipeda University - see

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