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Implementation of LONGLIFE INVEST

New international project:

LONGLIFE INVEST „The implementation of the planned Lithuanian Longlife pilot project as a dormitory for Klaipeda University"

 is implemented since December 2012 with part-financing by Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013:


TU-Berlin is a lead partner of LONGLIFE-INVEST and Central Mining Institute is a project partner.

Longlife Invest will implement a sustainable, energy-efficient building with minimized operational cost as a new dormitory of two blocks for the Klaipeda University. The Klaipeda University is the investor and the owner of the new dormitory. More about Longlife Invest is available on

Implementation of LONGLIFE INVEST supported in Poland the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Transportation, Construction and Maritine Management and Marshal of Silesia Voivodeship

Links to all project partners and associated organisations that supported implementation of the project are available in section Partners on the project website where is possible to find the latest information on the project implementation as well as on welcoming section of this website in section News and Events with links to the sources. 


Lead partner: TU Berlin

Duration: 25 months

Project Partners: 7 partners - Germany(2), Lithuania (3) i Poland (Central Mining Institute and TU-Gdansk)

Budget: 1.535.000 EUR

Project Manager in Central Mining Institute: Włodzimierz A. Sokół (D.Sc.Eng.)

Snapshots from the Kick-off- meeting of Longlife-Invest (source: